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Innovative, unique products that meet the real needs of law firms and their clients

Claim Finance provides innovatively structured funding products and services to claimants to finance disbursements and costs, removing the need for law firms to provide disbursement funding.

In addition to funding disbursements, Claim Finance also provides non-recourse funding agreements available to fund a wide range of needs that a claimant may have, such as immediate access to rehabilitation, therapy and adapted accommodation and transport.

Learn more about our unique products that can give both client and lawyer the confidence and morale in the pursuit of their legal claim


Claim Finance Health

Claim Finance is one of the leading providers of financial support to personal injury claimants who need healthcare treatment.More Info


Claim Finance Claims

If you have embarked on a personal injury claim and need additional funds to run the case we may be able to help you.More Info


Claim ATE Insurance

We offer After The Event (ATE) Insurance to claimants to cover disbursements and opponents legal costs generated in litigation.More Info


Claim Finance Families

We will pay the disbursements for people going through contested probate proceedings. This covers a wide range of claims.More Info

Litigation in personal injury claims can be a long and expensive process and become a financial burden at a vulnerable time. Claim Finance can help ease that burden. We provide funding NOW so that you can continue to manage your day to day living expenses, outstanding debt and loans.

Our business philosophy is to fund against the strength of the claimant’s case not their personal credit rating.

Claim Finance agreements are non-recourse – if your case fails you do not need to repay any of the funds advanced.

Claim Finance is a “people to people” business that tailors its products to meet the individual needs of its clients.

We have a proven track record for high quality customer service and for treating customers fairly.