ATE Insurance

After The Event (ATE) Insurance is available in the market to claimants to cover disbursements and opponents legal costs generated in litigation.

Your client can use it in any type of litigation. Solicitors, on their client’s behalf, normally incept the ATE Insurance cover. Payment of the insurance premium is deferred and only payable upon successful conclusion of the claim and would be deducted from the clients compensation received. If the claim is unsuccessful the premium is written off.

After The Event Insurance policies cover the legal costs which a claimant must pay to a defendant if a claim is unsuccessful i.e. when the claim is either lost at trial, or abandoned or settled after the defendant has incurred costs which the claimant is ordered by the court to pay.

ATE Insurance gives your client peace of mind. The ATE Insurance policy will cover personal injury claimants for disbursements which their solicitors have incurred in pursuing the personal injury claim i.e. the sums they have laid out on the claimant’s behalf for medical and technical reports, Garda reports, court fees etc.

Key benefits of our finance services:

Empowers you to pursue a claim that you could not otherwise afford to make.
Allows you to improve the strength of that claim.
All our funding is non-recourse – if your claim fails you are not required to repay capital or fees to us.
A high quality personal service, with rapid credit decisions.
Integrity, honesty, openness and clarity in all our dealings with you and your lawyer.