Claim Finance & Administration Limited was set up as a specialist funder that supports people who are pursuing claims, particularly personal injury claims. We fund access to the legal, medical, and other support services that you may need.

Claim Finance agreements are non-recourse – if your case fails you do not need to repay any of the funds advanced.

Our aim is to enable you to run your claim without financial pressure to reach an early or less advantageous outcome and to bring innovative funding products and new service offerings to solve two issues facing the claims sector:

  • The increasing cost of funding client disbursements is placing a growing and unacceptable financial burden on law firms.
  • Claimants need financial support in cases where valuable interim payments, to pay for rehabilitation etc. are not available or are insufficient.

Why choose Claim Finance?

  • By providing disbursement funding directly to the claimant, Claim Finance provides a credible alternative to the need for law firms to fund client disbursements from their own resources.
  • Claim Finance healthcare funding gives law firms an additional and unique source of support that they can offer to claimants as part of their holistic service to their clients.
  • Claim Finance resources can “level the playing field” with defendant’s insurers and can increase client confidence and morale in pursuit of their claim – knowing that they do not need to repay Claim Finance if their case fails.
  • Solicitors can access private healthcare for their clients at the time that it is most needed – not just when interim payments are made available.
  • The availability of funds to the claimant can empower both client and solicitor as they approach a potential settlement with the insurer.
  • We have a proven track record for high quality customer service and for treating customers fairly.

Mission Statement

Claim Finance shows integrity and honesty in all dealings whilst providing clarity of our documents, contract terms and communications. We believe in openness in dealing with all claimants and show humanity, decency and understanding in considering funding applications. Specifically we have a track record in demonstrating that our products and services are truly innovative, provide real benefits and offer added value to the sector.

We believe that we are strong, leading supporters of the industry whilst providing access to justice.

Our Values

Integrity and Honesty – in all our dealings
Clarity – of our documents, contract terms and communications
Openness – in dealing with all claimants and borrowers
Humanity, Decency and Understanding – in considering funding applications and all our dealings.
Quality – and speed of service and responses